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2009-02-22 - jjackunrau

The wedding went fine and people had fun. Hooray and congratulations. Pictures are up on flickr. And yes they’re a little grainier than I might have preferred, but I accidentally bumped my ISO up to 200 which my camera’s little sensor doesn’t like too much. I was very busy (and wasn’t the official photographer anyway) so I didn’t take any really neat pictures. Sorry. (I do like this one of Sri though.)

It seems that all the work of carefully picking songs was fairly pointless for that crowd. Note for the future: all Mom’s family ever wants to hear is Johnny Cash or something you can two-step to. Ever. Seriously, future self, why are you even thinking about playing anygoddamnedthing else? You are truly a fool. Ahem. So I’m glad I did end up bringing the laptop instead of just running off iPods as it was much easier to change things on the fly. People danced, which made my mom happy. (Although when I started picking music weeks ago she specifically said “Oh no, it’s not a dance; it’s a house party!” so what I had was mostly along those lines.)

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