> i want summer to start now

i want summer to start now

2008-05-04 - jjackunrau

Of course it’s snowing. Why wouldn’t it snow on the fourth day of May? Perfect sense.

I golfed last week with Sean and it was fun. We didn’t keep score, just hit balls. I got the ball in the air a couple of times, hit one water hazard and wasn’t as cold as I could have been. I didn’t take too many pictures (we were already playing pretty slow) but I liked this one, especially once I’d tweaked the levels up to how it looks there. Trying to make it look like an oversaturated old snapshot or something.

The night before golf I’d been to see the Buck 65 show, which was all good. I take too much on myself at shows like that though. I feel bad when the crowd isn’t crazy into the opening act, as if it’s all my fault, and if we don’t go crazy no one will ever come back to perform ever again. And in Buck 65’s set he started talking about Lenny Dykstra and then broke off. “You have no idea what I’m talking about…” he said. I wanted to shout “Baseball! You’re talking baseball!” but I couldn’t remember anything about Dykstra except that he was a baseball player and didn’t want to be called out on account of my superficiality. When I got home I looked him up on wikipedia. So if it ever comes up again, I’ll be more prepared.

Alison’s David is moving into the house this weekend. I’m hoping all his stuff’ll be out of the dining room in the next few days since the dining room table is where I do my morning writing. And I can’t write at a table piled six feet high with junk. But I got my last notebook filled before he started the process, so it’s a good time for me to take a break. Which I’m using to do up the rest of the Hangman entries from March. So far, I’ve put up something like 24,000 words from that trip.

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