> went to a show, had a good time

went to a show, had a good time

2010-11-13 - jjackunrau

The Dan Mangan show last night was pretty good, but my favourite part was The Burning Hell. They were awesome. Ukulele, cello and assorted electronics with songs about death. They were exactly my cup of tea. The kind of people Steve would make sure I went to their show if they were coming through town. They’re going to be in Winnipeg at the Park Theatre on November 19, 2010. If you’re there, I’d give them a listen.

I felt like Mangan and his band were out of sync most of the time, but maybe I was just let down a bit from the awesomeness beforehand. And the fact that I knew all the songs that everybody knew. Afterwards Marlis was wondering if the girl running down to the front from the seats was a plant, because she sure opened the floodgates for all the kids to rush to the front.

Today I biked to school for a meeting then biked home and finished the big website homework assignment that had been eating up my time. Tonight I relax, then tomorrow I get seriously to work on the next one, which isn’t a website. Not that this was a useless assignment. My CSS is better now, and it was a good excuse to try using Vim, which went well.

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