> how 'bout those mets

how 'bout those mets

2007-10-01 - jjackunrau

I don’t really have anything important to say about them. Jose Reyes got booed in that game. Magglio Ordonez won the batting title though. That’s not as good as the Tigers making the postseason but it’s something. And man is Curtis Granderson ever good.

On Friday I got an iPod Shuffle from my mom who won it at work. I’m pretty happy with it because it’s got a purported 12 hour battery life, meaning it’ll be my iPod for China in March and I don’t need to clutter up my Christmas list with one. Nope, the expensive part of my list is nice and focused now. Focused on a camera.

My writing’s been pretty sporadic the last few days, though last night I did a dialogue scene for 3dWorlder that’s pretty much the key to the book. If someone were trying to figure out what I’m trying to say about the incomprehensible present with my tale of the future, that scene is going to be the first place someone will look. I guess I also did a revised draft of that short film script too. When it’s not X words in a big chunk on a novel, it doesn’t feel as much like writing so I forget about it. Selah.