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bone marrow cancer serious

2010-04-29 - jjackunrau

I do love the sound of a rainy night. Not just saying that to get myself ready for moving to Vancouver, either. I’ll take this any day instead of winter.

It’s wonderful having a bunch of stuff to look forward to this summer. Last year was so tied up in feeling bad about things, I’m happy to have cool things coming up. Talking to Sarah at the Camby the other night, I mentioned how we’re going to Chicago for Sean’s bachelor party. And she loves Chicago and has things for us to see, places to eat pizza and boats to ride for our architectural tours. Yes, we do nerdy bachelor parties. But there’ll be baseball too. I hear Jared has a feeling about the Cubs. This might be their year. They are just three games back of the wild card spot with only 140 games to play.

And I’m going to China for a month. Just to hang out with Holly, who is then going to turn around and come to Winnipeg for a week, which is pretty awesome. I’ve been saying that it’ll be a good time for her to come because I’ll be about to leave so she’ll get an experience of my hometown tinted with wistfulness and preemptive nostalgia instead of sheepish frustration.

Whenever I hear John K Sampson interviewed and they mention the I Hate Winnipeg song (actual title: One Great City), it seems strange to the interviewer that Sampson sees it as a very tender loving song. Just because the chorus says the word hate. Maybe the interviewers are being disingenuous, just trying to make their listeners feel smarter or more perceptive or something. It seems so right to talk about how you love something by saying you don’t.

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