> the happiest man at folk fest

the happiest man at folk fest

2008-07-14 - jjackunrau

I’m back from the 35th annual Winnipeg Folk Festival, and thankfully I’m sunburnt. It felt like it was actually summer out there today. As opposed to yesterday which was rain and windy the whole live long day.

Even on Friday night before it started raining and was just cold I was getting to the miserable side. I felt some need to “make the most of it” which means staying up until it gets light outside, but it was cold out so I was pretty much tethered to our campfire trying to ignore how cold I was. Yeah I could have just gone to bed and wrapped up in a sleeping bag but then what was the point of being out there (I asked myself)? This was about the time John Forbes gave me the award mentioned in the title of this post.

Since I’d already missed a night and a day of the festival by the time I got out there on Friday I felt the need to pack in as much as I could on Saturday instead of huddling in my tent where it was dry. This plan was fatally flawed because it neglected how fucking cold I would get when soaked to the skin in mid-teens temperature. I was shivering and chattering through Danny Michel’s concert out at the Little Stage on the Prairie and decided that going home, drying out and getting my core body temperature back above 34 degrees was more important than seeing Calexico.

The performers kept on commending the people who toughed it out. “If this was back in Ontario everyone would have gone home by now,” Danny Michel said. “But through that whole song there are two guys playing frisbee! The wind’s like a million kilometres an hour. You haven’t caught one, guys! You’re allowed to give it up!”

But today was sunny and breezy and I enjoyed myself. I think my favourite part of this year’s festival was the fact that since the weather was so shitty I didn’t have to deal with the thought of so many people saying “Best Folk Fest ever!” which is always at odds with my own experience of the weekend. You understand what my problem there is? It’s the idea of being surrounded by thousands of people who’re purporting to have just had the best time of their lives. Which is never something I come home from Folk Fest feeling. And this year I think I have company. Geez. I’m a bit of a dick.

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