> great day today too

great day today too

2007-03-07 - jjackunrau

My $2.50 mandolin arrived and is worth exactly that many pennies. It’s going to be my poseur instrument instead of my very nice viola. I’ve often wanted to be able to sling my instrument on my back and wander from town to town mariachiing the nights away. And now I have just the tool for doing such a thing.

Also, Rachael is going to move out at the end of April instead of forcing us to deal with her throughout the summer. She’s going to be working night shifts and doesn’t think this house will provide the correct mausolear atmosphere during the days that she will need to sleep. This development will slightly diminish the possibility for uproarious comedic indignation at her outrageous demands, but I think everyone will be better off. In that they won’t have to deal with overly-stressed Justin and Alison. If you know someone who doesn’t suck that would like to be a roommate, let me know. There is space to park a car and the only time anything bad has ever happened to a car parked there was when the owner left a big hunting knife on the dashboard. The knife was stolen. I don’t know if it was used in any later crimes, as hunting knives do not have to be registered with the proper authorities.

Since I started “going to work” by taking my computer upstairs, I’ve been a big fat dynamo. My China book is now rolling along and I outlined (page by page) a three issue opening arc to a scifi comic (a different one than the project Hassie and I are sort of working on).

I didn’t have to go outside at all in the cold and listened to another hour of the John Hodgman audiobook. He is a funny guy.

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