> gallagher avec roller derby

gallagher avec roller derby

2008-08-21 - jjackunrau

Last night at this time I was still waiting for the band to go on at The Albert. White Cowbell Oklahoma they were called. There were a couple of good bits, though most of them were in the introduction. As promised, there was a chainsaw, though it was basically used to make a mess of some watermelons and the people who were up close as opposed to anything to make you go “Awesome!” The evening was a lot of standing around being hot. My legs don’t agree with standing for too long. They’ll walk forever, but if I’m going to be stationary I want me a damned chair.

I just read William Gibson’s All Tomorrow’s Parties and there was a line in there about how if you got enough people who were into a type of music, it didn’t really matter if you liked it or not, you could have a good time. I kept on thinking about that and really there were a lot of people who seemed really into that rockabilly stuff. But it didn’t osmose its way to me. Or I didn’t let it or whatever.

All Tomorrow’s Parties was a great book for me to read though. It gave me a new perspective on 3dWorlder and how I can solve some of the things that are stabbing me in the eyes about it. The more I think about this goddamned book the further I get from that first draft being anything resembling complete.

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