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2012-04-09 - jjackunrau

While watching/listening to baseball on the internet is the part of my daily routine that’s changed the most with spring beginning, amazingly enough the out of doors are also getting seasonally appropriate.

Downtown blossoms

I enjoy the sheer number of cherry blossoms when I’m out walking. At the SkyTrain station closest to my apartment it’s this huge fragrant canopy of white (and a bit of pink) with people happily gawking and taking pictures in it all. Very neat.

Looking inland

At our Easter dinner at the Little House from the Prairies yesterday we were talking about the absence of seasons here and how we might romanticize the cold back in Alberta and Manitoba (I do not romanticize such horrors, just to be clear). We were also talking about living in a place where tour buses come to visit, which is kind of weird. But the not exactly closest (but close enough to be the first one I think of) park to my house is Stanley Park, all huge and treed and full of totem poles and aquaria and such.

City boats

I like living near water and being able to go to the park and watch seaplanes and people messing about with boats. Now that it’s actually getting warm enough to sit outside and read, you’ll probably see more pictures from me that could be taken by a busload of tourists. But it’s where I am. I think I like it.

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