> a moth is not a butterfly

a moth is not a butterfly

2012-05-04 - jjackunrau

Someone I know sometimes posts pictures (on Facebook, so I can’t really link you to them) of her walks through the graveyard near her home, which makes me feel a little jealous that she has a graveyard. I still don’t know where the graveyards in this city are. But I have an ocean, so I shouldn’t complain too much. beach and ships and sky There is something excellent about being able to walk to the beach and look at the giant ships (and the kayaks and sailboats and standing paddle-surfers) from your home. And while I’m sure the graveyard has fewer people, that just means there’d be so many fewer people out having interesting conversations like there were by the seawall tonight. Talking about the weirdest day they’d just had, or complaining loudly about their teeth or talking slow and braying about Luongo or Toronto. constantly surprised These tulips placed in the bronze (or whatever) handbag of a statue aren’t always there. Over in the laughing people sculptures I saw more flowers placed in their hands. I kind of like that flower arrangements as a form of graffiti. I also like the benches in Stanley Park that have little memorial plaques to make me feel less jealous.

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