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kong wang lian

2007-05-17 - jjackunrau

I followed a link to this alternate history of Chinese SF and am I ever glad I did. That’s just pure speculative awesomeness. It’s very possible I’ll be stealing some of those names for the Taoist cyberpunk comic I’m working on. Well, I’m not working on it right now, but it’s sitting there ready to be worked on at any moment.

This cool thing was a welcome relief because I’ve been spending too much of my day reading the young anabaptist radicals website and the earnestness has been getting to me. I am so not a radical. All these people seem to really care about their shit, whether it be the nature of sin or LGBT issues or learning what paternalistic means or whatever. Fine, I agree that not worrying about boring crap is a privilege. But using that privilege to create something awesome is good.