> in hebrew it starts with Y

in hebrew it starts with Y

2007-08-31 - jjackunrau

A couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses came to the house this morning. No. Yesterday morning. I just forgot to write about them till now. It always seems that we get a young Witness who’s just learning the ropes, along with an experienced backup. I wonder if our neighbourhood is a good training ground, if people actually come to the door. We do have a lot of immigrants who might not be trained to hide when well dressed people bearing literature come knocking.

In any case, I was home and eating breakfast so I answered the door. No. I was online because I needed to be in the living room because my WiFi card hadn’t yet arrived. Look at all the self correction going on here. I must really care about accuracy and transparency. I answered the door. It was a fifteen year old boy and a man in his upper thirties. The kid did all the talking. As he started a young girl and a woman were leaving the neighbour’s front door. I guess they leapfrog till one gets a hit.

The kid yammered on about Intelligent design for a while, reciting his talking points about finding houses in the desert and such (The more classic example is to use a pocketwatch on a beach, but whatever. No. Not whatever. I wonder why they made the switch. What was wrong with the pocketwatch and the beach metaphor [apart from the underlying misunderstanding of evolutionary biology it’s trying to obscure]?). When he was done I didn’t argue with him or really engage him about weak anthropic principles or whatever. I don’t really care what JWs believe. They aren’t messing up my blood transfusions.

Anyway, I was polite and accepted his Watchtower. His adult then tried engaging me in some small talk, which I get the feeling was something the kid was going to be lectured about after they left: “If they aren’t rude to you, keep talking!”

Now the weird thing is (apart from the fact that they honked at me when I passed them on a street a couple of hours later) that their literature isn’t even targeting me, the heathen science loving rationalist. I was flipping through the Watchtower they left and they’re arguing against Intelligent Design “scientists” who don’t expressly attribute the design to god. Are there really many intelligent design devotees who don’t attribute their design to a great bearded deity who may or may not prohibit blood transfusions/man on man on man fornication/whatever? Atheistic IDers seem like a weird demographic to be convincing to witness for jehovah.

And then on my way to work I found a Barbie leg on Ellice. Despite the rain it was really dirty. I thought it was a carrot at first.

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