> trying too hard to seem friendly

trying too hard to seem friendly

2008-01-04 - jjackunrau

Is there a term more loaded with menace than “chat” when spoken by someone with more power than you? I mean, I don’t mind chatting (or making chit chat) occasionally, but when someone like a boss or human resources person in charge of possibly hiring you leaves a message on your phone saying “I was hoping we could chat for a bit” there’s nothing good coming out of the situation.

So tomorrow morning I’ll have a chat (on the phone, no less). And hope it’s not about scuttling my Cairo hopes because of something I wrote here on the blog.

That is something I sort of worry about occasionally. If all this writing ranting complaining and pointing out cool stuff will stop me from doing more of what I want to do. Which is writing ranting complaining and pointing out cool stuff far away from my audience (read: you).

At work on my breaks I’m reading a book by Thomas Merton about the vocation of writing. There’s a lot of stuff to think about within. One of the things he says is that the only thing a person should want to be is a saint. If that’s not your goal then you’re sort of wasting your time. He softens that a bit with the idea that being a saint is more like being a Zen master and fully experiencing each thing you do.

I think I’m off to read (translated) Taoist poems now. To relax before my chat in the morning.

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