> spike and celebratory dance

spike and celebratory dance

2010-11-30 - jjackunrau

And my last week of my first semester back at school begins. It kind of began last Thursday since that was when I had a week before I left. Now I’m down to just a few days. And all that’s left is a group presentation and the handing in of finished assignments. (My other blog’s front page is filled with posts about libraries using Twitter right now. It’s for a blogging assignment.)

Watching the Grey Cup yesterday was interesting. It was at Ken’s apartment (Ken is my roommate Marlis’ boyfriend) and most of the spectators seemed more interested in their NFL fantasy teams. And there was such complaining about CFL rules! I wish I had the knowledge of our game to be able to defend our rouges that “just reward failure” and our lack of a fair catch rule, but I don’t. So I sat quietly watching the game. I couldn’t really tell if it was a good game or a bad game, but it was a close one so I stayed with it. And enjoyed that dramatic play at the end when Durant evaded the sack then threw a pick.

I leave for 中国 on a Thursday which can’t come soon enough.

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