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eating crappy chocolate

2010-11-01 - jjackunrau

I’ve been casually working along this weekend. Not finishing anything but making sure I don’t have anything that hasn’t been looked at. Right now my weirdest assignment (a web presentation) is staying weird because of my topic. It’s not going to be very academic I don’t think, even though it’s referring to a lot of sort-of academic work. The problem is that it’s a static webpage presentation, which isn’t how anyone would present this kind of information these days. It reminds me of the project we did for Benedetti’s New Media class years ago.

I’ve really been loving this baseball postseason. The Giants are such a scrapheap team with great pitching. The Rangers are this anonymous team plus Cliff Lee. It’s just a good story all around. Supposedly it’s been terrible for the TV ratings, but fuck TV ratings. I just like baseball. And this has been way better than just seeing the Yankees and Phillies again (sorry Doc).

I feel a little bad about cheering for the Giants since I don’t have a problem with the Dodgers either. I cheer for them against most teams. My best-broken-in baseball hat is my Dodgers cap. And it’s supposed to be a Red Sox vs. Yankees style rivalry that I’m playing both sides of here. Whatever. I told my mom who was playing in the World Series and she immediately said she was cheering for San Francisco. She’s more a fan of the city than of the team.

Thirty-three days till 中国. And the cold wet uninsulated 四川 winter. And Holly. And being very happy.

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