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vocal knife-fighting nerd

2010-10-07 - jjackunrau

On my flight back from Winnipeg on Monday I watched my first ever full episode of The Big Bang Theory, and it was the introduction of Evil Wil Wheaton, which I’d heard about of course, but never seen. It was sitcommy, but acceptably nerdish fun. It was good to have a bit of a grounding in it when I was compared to Sheldon two days later in some groupwork at school, for talking about cool applications of RFID technology. (For the record, I was much more Sheldon-ish when I was younger.)

When we do these discussion kinds of things in our classes I’m very conscious of the different ways people have of talking about stuff. For me, I see those times as a bit of a testing ground to put ideas out there to fight. When someone has a better idea, you concede to it and things go on. This works great when no one is really attached to the things they say. They’re just words and you’re using them to understand stuff. If people do take this stuff personally, man, I am an asshole. Constantly prodding with “What about this?” and “But that breaks down if we think about this” kinds of utterances. I feel like I’m also doing a good job of seeing what other people are saying and abandoning my mistaken ideas/not starting actual fights.

In some groups I’ve worked in so far, it’s been great. But in some I feel like I’m stopping other people from talking. I mean, library people aren’t necessarily known for having the most forceful personalities in the world. So even though I’m not insisting on “having my way” it might look that way and people might just be thinking I’m a big jerk and not want to talk. I try to modulate and adapt to the table, but sometimes (like when I’m sorting Lego) I get a bit carried away and forget that not everyone believes in gladiatorial arenas for ideas.

So, sorry for being an asshole, everyone.

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