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2010-08-30 - jjackunrau

The other day when I took the bus up to UBC I decided it was good I’m living where I am instead of closer to school. It felt a bit like it would be easy to forget about the rest of town if I were up there. I mean, sure, it’d be more convenient for classes, but this way I feel a bit more like I actually live here. I mean, I didn’t feel like I actually lived in fakeLondon and I want to here. I live within walking distance (my walking distance may be different from yours, sorry) of loads of good shit here, even if the closest full-on grocery store is in a weird little mall.

Today I went to Comix & Stories, which was the indie comic con put on by Vancouver Comic Con? I think? In any case there were people there who made cool stuff and I bought things. Because I’m still getting paid even though I don’t have a job anymore. Oh no? That’s not how it works? Hm. That would work much better for me.

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