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it's the weekend

2010-09-05 - jjackunrau

Yesterday I bought a bike. Which is kind of scary for me, because biking involves more physical activity than I prefer, but I also don’t like crowded buses. I hope I’ll be able to stick with it for getting to school and back. And that it won’t get stolen too quickly. It’s nice and light and simple and it’ll probably be good and healthy for me to ride more.

On Friday we had a “Meet your classmates” thing at a bar in Gastown (I will slowly internalize all the neighbourhood names so this city will make sense even if I’m not looking at a map). I had a good time. I didn’t meet many people because the people at the table where I first sat were pretty great so why go mingle? There were jokes about librarians/archivists as organizers and we talked about storytimes and I told people about my issues with the uninspiring administration of the Winnipeg Public Library system. (Although one of my classmates took years to get onto the on-call page list in the Portland Public Library, so yay WPL for having less demand for your jobs.)

My stuff hasn’t arrived from Winnipeg yet, but it isn’t too bad. I brought enough clothes with me to get through, although it means I’ll be wearing my patched, holey and comfortable jeans to school instead of my “nice” ones. I think I will survive without a public shaming.

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