> i salute you, guy i heard so much about

i salute you, guy i heard so much about

2011-02-26 - jjackunrau

I went to get my film developed from when Holly was here and because I’m being all fancy-pants and shooting black & white I can’t get it developed at a normal place. Off to a fancy-pants lab for me tomorrow. Also tomorrow, off to school.

On the bus to the place I couldn’t get my film developed, two women were talking about how a guy they knew was fired. The management sounded pretty terrible, suspending him until he’d sign a self-incriminating letter full of lies, and then firing him for not signing it because he wasn’t “negotiating with the company in good faith.” I was only on the bus for two stops but I heard enough to get really mad on behalf of this guy. Signing self-incriminating letters is bullshit, random guy I’ve never met! Way to get fired (and talk to a lawyer) instead.

Brenda & Marlis are gone on a ski-trip so I have the house to myself. Woo. Not that it makes much of a difference one way or another. I just don’t have to feel terrible about leaving the dishes in the sink overnight. I have issues with dishwashers, not wanting to use them kinds of issues.

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