> hours of consciousness haven't killed me yet

hours of consciousness haven't killed me yet

2010-09-29 - jjackunrau

Tonight, after getting up at 6 this morning, having 6 hours of class and a meeting and biking a pile of kilometres, I’ve given up on schoolwork and am listening to baseball instead. Tuesdays are kind of tiring.

It was kind of frustrating to my schedule that in class today we were given an assignment due next Tuesday that won’t be graded but needs to be done, and requires printed stuff. Frustrating because I’d worked ahead to have everything ready to go for the other stuff due next week, since I’ll be in Winnipeg on the weekend. But as it stands now, I’ll have to do some work on Sunday. And come to school on Monday to print it out. Bah.

And you may remember how I was doing some volunteer work (cutting and pasting html code). The people I was doing that for decided to make up for their lack of organization that meant I couldn’t upload my files, they’d give me a new batch of files to do that would be due in four days. Which is bullshit, as I did the stuff way in advance and it took a long time. As the problems were not my fault and I’m not getting paid for my time there, I’m not going to worry about it.

So those are my gripes. They aren’t overwhelming. Baseball (and the hope I might see Halladay and Lincecum meet in the playoffs) is good. And soon I’ll be chatting with Holly, so my (very long) day will be made more than good indeed.

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