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2007-09-23 - jjackunrau

My baseball seasons are over for all my teams except the Mets.  Sure, the Yankees could lose every single game in the season and the Tigers could win the rest, but ‘tis unlikely. It looks like I’ll be a Mets and Red Sox fan for this post-season.  I don’t know enough about the Angels or the Indians to really consider cheering for them to win it all.  And they aren’t going to be underdogs enough to let me root for them as a possible new team.  Vladimir Guerrero is good though.   In the AL I don’t really care as long as it ain’t the Yankees.

NL-wise I’m going for the Mets.  I just like Jose Reyes too much, even though he hasn’t been playing nearly as well recently as he did in the first half of the season.  If they get knocked out, I guess it’s the Cubs?  That’d end all the curses still ongoing, right?  Wildcard I’d prefer San Diego over Philadelphia or Milwaukee basically because more west coast games mean more games I get to see when I get home from work at 9:30.

And now that Barry Bonds is leaving San Francisco I might be able to pick them as my loser team to cheer for.  In addition to the Orioles (and the Jays - I need some NL teams to cheer for).  They’ve got a lot of rebuilding ahead of them.