> i miss baseball

i miss baseball

2010-02-10 - jjackunrau

Not that I get to watch baseball on TV or anything, but I miss it. I miss keeping track of players and the storylines and all that. It’s like a soap opera (Sean would say mythology because that’s what Americans make out of their sports) that isn’t dependent on writers. Even just this offseason stuff, there’s a lot of neat things happening. I can’t wait for Tim Lincecum’s arbitration hearing when San Francisco tries to say “This kid? He’s not worth that much!” I’m looking forward to the heartbreak that the Mariners’ fantastic offseason has the potential to produce when the season begins and nothing goes as well as it might have. There’s just so much potential waiting to be ground down into dust and torn labrums. I look forward to April and beyond.

The Olympics? Sure, fine I guess there’ll be storylines and stuff, but it’s hard to get excited about these people you see once every four years for a few weeks. Baseball is a grind. A grind of millionaires yes, but a grind.

And man oh man, do I ever want this shirt.

Thus concludes my brief digression into sport. (See? Not a book review!)

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