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six four three with a scoop

2009-08-03 - jjackunrau

It seems like more people than I’ve ever noticed before went to Gimli for the Icelandic festival this year. Like there’s some strange signal calling people out there to partake in herring or pillaging whatever there is to witness at such a festival. A festival that’s sort of like Festival du Voyageur except not in the blinding cold. I hope there wasn’t something in the lake summoning all these folk for some ominous rite that ends in electricity, blood and drowning.

I’ve been studying Japanese recently. Just slowly putting the pieces of language together. I can sound things out with both the katakana and hiragana, though I’m not really worrying too much about pronunciation. I will be satisfied with a fragmentary collection of knowledge. At least for now.

Twenty-eight days till I leave for China. I’m working on figuring out what I’ll look forward to after that. One option is going to school again. That’d give me a good few months of putting together applications to keep busy. Anticipation of actually learning things again. This half-ass Japanese studying makes me realize how much I miss school. Learning shit is good stuff.

And the Jays game this afternoon was pretty good. Johnny Mac was in at short and started two double plays, one of which made me glad I get video highlights as well as the live radio feed. I’ve got no problem with Scutaro, but it’s nice to see the Prime Minister of Defence out there doing that thing he does.

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