> he was kind of hyper

he was kind of hyper

2008-04-03 - jjackunrau

Okay, I swear I won’t just turn this blog into a Read the Tao of Stieb! blog, but here’s another pointer to them because they’re talking about someone I know, Gareth Wheeler. I went to JSkool with him. Of course this note isn’t very flattering but still. I know people that are Torontocentric and on TV. The quote:

Gareth Wheeler can rest easy...there's a "glimmer of hope" for V-Dub: We get the fact that the host of SunTV's the Grill Room wants to elicit some sort of discussion. But starting off the discussion with Mike Wilner, the Drunk Jays Fans' Stoeten and some random Sun writer by asking them "Is there a glimmer of hope for Vernon Wells?" exactly one game into the season was a little much. It was even funnier to see this conversation after the game, in which Wells went 3-for-4 with a homer, 2 RsBI and two runs scored. **Is it just us, or does Gareth have all of the feral nervous energy of a ferret backed into a corner?** Kudos go out to Stoeten for locking down the gig, and for resisting the impulse to reach across the table and shake some sense into the host, who trotted out just about every tired Toronto hockey-centric media cliché about the Jays and especially J.P..

I wonder how many of our graduating class are now employed by SunMedia? I know of two now.

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