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2008-02-10 - jjackunrau

It bothers me how much I’m looking forward to the baseball season. I’m following 4 teams and have actually kept up with the off-season moves they’ve been making and am getting to the place where I feel I’ve got something invested in them. If you care, the AL teams (one from each division) are the Jays, Tigers (Curtis Granderson is great) and Mariners (Ichiro and I might be able to go visit Scott and Em and see a game or two) and the Mets (Jose Reyes and now Johan Santana) in the NL. When it comes down to it the Jays are my team, and I’m following the rest of them so I have a better chance of being a fan of a playoff-bound team.

But back to the bothering me part of it, I’m looking forward to it because once I get back from China there’s not much else to look forward to. Following a team (or four) is a poor excuse for doing something with your life. I’ve got this balancing act between being satisfied with the library and writing and that’s it because I can’t afford to go anywhere else and wanting to up and leave tomorrow and fuck the rest of it (the lingering resentment at MCC plays a part in that too).

Bah. I’m grumpy ‘cause all that vaunted writing I was going to get done today sputtered and stalled.

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