> i saw no crackerjack for sale

i saw no crackerjack for sale

2008-05-17 - jjackunrau

My first Goldeyes game of the season last night in ridiculously good seats. For Christmas Sean got the (in Winnipeg) DJS5ers a mini-pack of baseball tickets. We’ll rotate through who gets to go to the games and stuff so we’ll each get to go to a few. Last night no one else could go so I got to bring my mom along. (I thought about calling Dave, but my mom actually enjoys baseball. And she bought me dinner. And beer.)

The seats. You know how people say there isn’t a bad seat in our ballpark (for my non-Winnipeggers, they say that a lot)? Well there sure as hell are great seats. We’re in the first row directly at the end of the third base line. So when people are running in to score, they’re running at you. We can hear the umps even when they aren’t shouting. On right handed batters we’re all over the height of the pitches. And you know how a right handed batter pulls the ball for the double into the left field corner? How the ball arcs off the bat and around? We get to watch that perfectly. I love those seats.

The game was pretty great too. The Fish got a run-scoring triple. We also had three errors (on eminently catchable balls - you could tell this wasn’t the majors) including the left fielder dropping a fly in the top of the ninth with two outs, allowing a runner on while we were up by one. Next batter that run scored, tying the game, but the hitter tried stretching it into a double and got put out at second. So we went into the bottom of the ninth tied.

Max Poulin comes to the plate. He’s the shortstop and a bit of a fan favourite. I think he’s local. Last year in a game I went to I watched him fuck up two or three double plays and just got angry with him. He’s the David Eckstein of the team. So he’s leading off the bottom of the ninth, and I’m going on to my mom about being glad he’s up because he’s the #9 hitter, so we’ll get the top of the order up and maybe be able to do something. He’s in there for a couple of pitches and mom’s asking why everyone is cheering and I’m going off about what a crappy player he is, how he can’t hit and is only kept around for … and then the crack and the ball is in the air and oh my that hit has legs and it’s a walk-off home run and he’s the best ball player ever.

It was a superb game.

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