> in this way i am like ben sisko

in this way i am like ben sisko

2009-06-08 - jjackunrau

Baseball is pretty fun to watch when you don’t have a huge amount invested in the outcome. Not to say watching the people who are invested (and yelling in umpires’ faces) isn’t gobs of fun.

Sean and I were at the Goldeyes game today chatting away, watching the little things from his dad and brother’s good seats behind home plate. In those kinds of seats you can watch the delivery and make uninformed comments about release points, speculate about superstitious ways of stepping into the batter’s box, and marvel at the conversations going on around you. Area 51 was a long running topic of discussion, “he’s got to hit it that far to get to first” was repeated a couple of times, while “It’s hard to see anything through all those bums” was only said once. Not by either of us.

The game itself was entertaining with loads of lead changes, horrible misplays (we have a letter to draft to the official scorer of the game), a huge man sliding into third, three (?) ejections (including the Fargo manager chasing an ump around right field) and a walk-off win (tie game, two outs, full count, runner on second, Long gets the hit = awesome).

I do like baseball.

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