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kittens conferences and cashiers

2010-05-12 - jjackunrau

I keep on waking up in the middle of the night with Kittenoh on my bed, in like the crook of my knee or something. I guess she misses her owners.

Watching a bit of the hockey last night I wished the Canucks could have gotten themselves together. But I don’t mind seeing Chicago move on. I have no great aversion to any of the teams left in the playoffs, so I’m just cheering for good games now. I want a fast-paced 4-3 overtime game 7 tonight.

Next week I’m going to be volunteering at and attending the Manitoba Libraries Conference. I’ve been assured that it will be fun. We shall see. I’ve actually lucked my way into the best kind of volunteer assignments. On the Wednesday I’ll be convening sessions, which means I show up early, put up a sign, make sure all the technology the speaker is using works, introduce the speaker, and make sure I have a question to ask if there are awkward silences at the end. Good times. I’m also working the registration desk on Monday, the preconference day, but I get to do that in the afternoon, when I imagine fewer people will be showing up to register, so maybe it’ll be more like just a general help and information desk. I’m good at that shit.

At Safeway yesterday there was a cashier who was so slow. There was a sign up saying “Cashier in Training - Thank you for your patience.” It was before noon on a Tuesday so the place wasn’t busy, but because it wasn’t busy there were only two lanes open: newbie and the express. I waited in the newbie line, because I didn’t have anywhere pressing to be. It’s funny to see someone new to that job. This girl was picking up each item and searching it for the barcode. She clearly didn’t have the muscle memory that comes from all the repetition involved in the job.

The two people ahead of me were exactly what I would fear as a checkout person. One had stacks of coupons and was antagonistic about whether things would be accurately reduced, because “It sure doesn’t look like I’m getting this two for one now.” The cashier just didn’t know what exactly would happen. Her helper/instructor was doing the bagging and answering the questions. The other had large items which she left in her cart, so the helper came around to scan/type in the numbers while the customer tried to tell the cashier her Club Card number with a thick Eastern European accent. And the cashier was so new she didn’t automatically put in the area code before the phone number, so she was having problems. And the thickly accented woman sounded like she was giving a number with an extra digit (but without the area code). Then the customer gave the cashier her debit card even though at Safeway the customer usually does the swiping, so the cashier thought it was a credit card and then the customer was asking for a pen like it was a credit card. It was all very confusing.

The cashier got through it all and when I got my stuff up to her, she thanked me for my patience and I said it was no problem. “It’s my first day ever,” she said. “I started two hours ago.” But she scanned all my stuff and her instructor got it all into the bags. She asked for my club card number and I gave it to her (including the area code). I told her I’d be paying with debit, swiped the card myself and it was a painless transaction. The cashier’s helper told her, “See, and then there’ll be some customers like this.” The instructor thanked me for my patience and I said it wasn’t a problem. Everybody’s got a first day sometime.

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