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the outermost layer

2007-12-19 - jjackunrau

I had my interview with MCC today about going to Cairo. It went twice as long as we’d sort of scheduled but that was fine. There were lots of questions about stuff. We sidetracked off into new media for a while which was fun. And about my blog specifically, not that the HR people read it and had objections but about what I’d be doing with it. They’ve had issues in MCC Egypt with writing by the workers provoking situations, so now anything going out “representing MCC” has to go through the Country Reps. If they take me, it looks like a certain organizational name will be redacted from these pages, so I can continue to cuss and link to questionable content.

I was stumped on the question “What do you think might be your biggest disappointment with the Cairo assignment?” How does a person answer that? She saw I was floundering and moved to “Well, what’s your biggest disappointment from China?” and I talked a little bit about the trained monkeys phenomenon, but also about how that wasn’t as big a deal for me as it was for people who were actually teachers.

Anyway, I did my best. They got to meet me, see what I’m like and stuff. If I go, I won’t be allowed to have a beard. Or a shaved head. Because of the greater levels of meaning those things carry in Cairene society. Apparently no one there likes ambiguity in any form. You’re supposed to look like what you’re supposed to look like. And bearded guys are clerics.

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