> happy birthday grandma

happy birthday grandma

2009-04-22 - jjackunrau

There is no simple practical way to split the audio from the video in iMovie. Do you realize how fucking ridiculous that fucking fuckshit is? It wants me to import a clip into my project, then import another version of just the audio, then import the B-Roll footage making sure it’s at the end of the now extended project, then cut precisely the amount of video from the initial clip then move the B-Roll into place, then mute the B-Roll and the initial clip and god fucking help you if there’s the slightest miscue because then your audio gets chopped off the end because it is a fucking goddamn piece of shit-smearing stab stab stab my fucking eyes.

And the video is horrible because I couldn’t get a decent white balance in that room with the mix of light. Everything’s murky orange and grey and this whole thing is just an ugly disgusting mess. Grandma gets her VHS copy but there is no way I’m making DVDs for anyone else of this garbage that looks like it came from 1983.

UPDATE: I now have software that works and am less angry about the whole thing. It will still be ugly as shit but now I won’t have to break my brain getting it all together.

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