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2010-05-30 - jjackunrau

I’m trying out blogging straight from Vim using vimpress plugins. Since it appears to be working I may have succeeded in becoming even more nerdy with my cute little linux netbook. I don’t see that as an altogether bad thing. Part of the whole thing about this computer of mine (as opposed to something like an iPad) is the idea of accomplishing stuff with it. I like the idea of this thing being a tool to help me make things as oppsed to a device to help me consume things.

I want to be more of a maker and less of a consumer, in general. There’s a Buck 65 line that says “I don’t want everything to be made easy for me.” And in some respects that’s true for me. A lot of respects, really. Getting a computer to work through its not necessarily user-friendly ways makes me happy. Though I’m not tossing my well-designed to make things easy Mac away just yet. This little box is for when I want to feel independent, when I want the challenge. I’ll jump back and forth between them as necessary.

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