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good solid cables

2007-09-20 - jjackunrau

Back in the goddamned livingroom to plug in and check my email. I’m feeling more and more justified in my disgust at this computer of mine. I got what it wanted to connect without wires. I spent twice as much as I wanted to but I got a real AirPort card off eBay, not some knockoff that would work just as well. But it flickers in and out in its detecting abilities. The last time I could do something as time-intensive as check an email (you know, anything requiring ten seconds of uninterrupted netwrok access) was two days ago. Alison’s computer sits in her room happily chugging along, while mine can’t find the network when I press my screen (which contains the antenna) right up to our goddamned router.

I’m thinking about what I could possibly do to make this thing work. I wish Alison would let me run a cable up to my room, but she thinks that would be too much trouble. Or something. Although to be fair, most of what this coming down to be connected does is

Someday I want a new computer. A 24” iMac would be so sweet. Although then I’d need a chair as I’d have to work at a desk.

As if to mock me, my WiFi icon is now sitting there all lit upand solid. Nope. Gone again. That window lasted almost three minutes.