> this isn't the mysterious stuff

this isn't the mysterious stuff

2007-10-29 - jjackunrau

I think I’ve talked about it on here before, but now it’s official in that way that non-refundable purchases tend to be: I’m going to China in March. My ticket is now purchased and I’ll soon have to start thinking about my visa (and getting the time off work). I fly out of Winnipeg March 1, and back in on March 31.

The plan is to go visit Holly in Nanjing for basically the whole month. I mean, there might be day/couple of day trips out here and there. She works and I do have enough Chinese to blunder onto a train and back by myself. And we haven’t gotten sick of hanging out with each other for a month at a time before. I can’t wait. But I have to.

And Scott and Emily might come up to Winnipeg for a visit in January. How weird is that? Oh no wait, I meant “how great is that?” Although really, the chances of -40ishness are very high. It’s nice to have things to look forward to while my brain gets taken off the hook at work each day.

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