> digging all the way with a silver spoon

digging all the way with a silver spoon

2008-03-01 - jjackunrau

I’ll be leaving for China in a few hours. The blog may not be updated super regularly since Holly doesn’t have the Intertubes running into her apartment. But if you look on the right hand column under Twittering you might see some tiny updates. I can text message those in. Also, if you are reading this and we communicate primarily by Facebook status update, I do get those sent straight to my phone and that doesn’t cost me anything (even if I am in China). Please don’t call because those charges are ridiculous. Text messages are your international communication buddies. I don’t know how much my phone will actually be on but there you go.

Have a good month. There will be massive updating when I return. Sporadic until then.

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