> and away we go

and away we go

2009-08-30 - jjackunrau

Usually I don’t think of the act of travel as an ordeal. I like the liminal state of being in an aircraft. The change in timezones, the weird sleep you get over an ocean, it’s all fine. For some reason though, I feel like the next 37 hours I spend getting to Nanchong might be a long ride. But it will be worth it. I hear there’ll be cheesecake waiting at the other end.

I won’t be super diligent about posting while I’m gone (as if I have been lately anyway). Don’t expect immediate responses to emails either. One thing I like about the whole travel thing is treating it like an (intentional) internet fast. Which is much better than just having your internet go down. There should be the occasional Twitter update. If my international texting works the way it’s supposed to.

See you later.

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