> commencing radio whispering

commencing radio whispering

2010-12-02 - jjackunrau

I’m at the airport, heading off to Nanchong for the month. I had no problems with security. I forget that it’s the TSA that’s especially ridiculous not everyone. Though they did xray my boots so I’ve probably just acculturated to the crazy at some more moderate level.

Even though Holly has a VPN set up and I’m bringing my VPN equipped netbook, I’m going to be in vaguely “internet sabbatical” mode for the month. Emails will get slower responses. Probably no twitter. Blogging will be light, but I’ll try posting pictures more often.

I could say this is a conscious cleansing to escape information overload, but really, I haven’t seen Holly in months and the internet’s charms pale in comparison.

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