> now for the hardest part

now for the hardest part

2008-01-03 - jjackunrau

And I’m back. Not that I went anywhere. But Scott and Emily were here and it seemed impolite to run off and scribble on the Internet while they sat around waiting for their amusement maws to be filled. (I kid. They were wonderful undemanding houseguests.) We ate at all the best places to eat, drank some beers, watched some hockey (five fights in the game, most I’d ever seen) and walked all over the place.

Also, Christmas happened, so jiaozi were consumed and Sopranos were watched. I received great presents including a signed Terry Pratchett book, a sweet camera and flash, a Mariners hat, a Camby shirt, zombie comics and more.

Reyn got married unexpectedly which was kind of weird. Good though, since now if I go to Egypt I don’t have to feel bad about missing the ceremony as it will be a sham. Waiting to hear back from MCC is going to occupy the rest of my month. That and the writing (which felt so good today after a week and a half off; maybe I should be doing this after all). Oh, and the visa for China; I kind of need that.

Tonight I hope I dream about the wind howling outside my window. The wind that’s bringing the warm air.

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