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out in cowtown

2009-05-07 - jjackunrau

I love being away from home. If I could somehow make a life out of sleeping in people’s guest rooms or on their couches while they go about their business I would be possibly more content than I am. For a while.

I spent the weekend in Calgary with Caroline and Brian and Paisley. And was thankful P was in cute mode instead of something that would provoke “if you were a kitten I’d drown you” kinds of thoughts. She is pretty funny and has pretty wacky hair. And she likes to pick up rocks everywhere from down at the ol’ Knox West scenic hydroelectric dam, to the playground where children apologize for their hats being “storebought,” to Banff where the tricksy shopkeeps have the rocks cemented into the “rustic” floors, those dastardly fiends.

We ate Indian food and Korean food and homemade food. I also found a couple of used books at the Calgary Reads CBC Book Sale, where it was funny how the table of business books were so almost completely shunned. Like the CBC crowd in Calgary didn’t want to be associated with the filthy business of money in any way.

It’s funny how these friends I physically see so rarely (this would be the second visit in five years) can be so comfortable to be around. Funny in a good way. I didn’t see any of the other people I know in Calgary, but felt fine about that.

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