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back from los angeles

2009-06-16 - jjackunrau

There were things I didn’t get to do on this trip to LA. I didn’t get to see the Dodgers play. I didn’t get to The Edison for Tesla-themed classy times. We didn’t end up going to the Jazz festival thing.


We saw theatres that were created in the Depression for maximum opulence (that went out of business within a year), ate cafeteria food, rode the subway, saw an inspiring collection of collections of amazing things, ate good food and ice cream sandwiches, saw Anonymous protesting Scientologists, heard three different “come to Jesus” pitches within an hour or two, met a guy who imports bulls for bloodless bullfighting, went to a hipster gathering and drank Pabst Blue Ribbon, saw the Bradbury building and graves of some famous people.

It was a great great trip. I will go into more detail as I go through my notebooks.

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