> i'll start working in a couple of days

i'll start working in a couple of days

2011-05-03 - jjackunrau

I’m watching election results while waiting for word back on the apartments I’ve been applying for. I knew Sydney was expensive, but it’s a good thing I’m going to be making a bit of money once my visa comes through. The amount I’m getting paid looks a lot smaller than it did when I was paying Vancouver rent. Take a moment to think about that. Vancouver rent seems reasonable to me now. The thing I’ve adopted is to look at rent as a percentage of salary. That makes it feel a bit better. But Jebus H Christmas, living in a really sweet big city might not be my destiny. That’s not me saying I’m going back to Winnipeg, but if Holly and I live in a smaller, more affordable city/town/shack in the woods somewhere I’ll be okay with that.

Yesterday I went to Prosentient and had lunch with my new bosses. Happily, even though I don’t have a visa yet we’re going to work some stuff out so I’m heading into the office and not just hanging out in the hostel and going to parks and stuff. I mean, I like not having things to do, but I’d prefer to have a bit of money while I’m doing them. And though they can’t pay me, there’s nothing preventing them from renting an apartment in the neighbourhood and me happening to squat in it.

The apartment I looked at yesterday was a tiny studio thing, but it had it’s own kitchen and bathroom (you can find a lot of apartments here that are shared bathroom/kitchen kinds of deals). I can completely see Holly and I living there till December. It’s not the lap of luxury or anything, but it’s not much worse than her apartment in Nanchong now. But I might not get it. Who knows?

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