> i'll return across three biomes tomorrow

i'll return across three biomes tomorrow

2012-06-26 - jjackunrau

I should probably look that up to see if I’m misusing the word “biome” but I’m thinking Canadian Shield, Prairies and the Rockies. Currently I’m in Toronto, where I’ve completed all nine interviews I came here for. Some of them were really interesting. Some were less so. I saw way more of Ottawa than I have before, and had a good couple of days in Montreal and Kitchener too (thanks to Kate Aileen & Bruce for letting me stay with them).

Sadly, I’m getting swamped with work and have to hole up on the ol laptop tonight rather than enjoy any fun things Toronto might have to offer. I did get to Bakka-Phoenix Books this morning, and am now at the Reference Library. Snakes and Lattes looks very cool but I wasn’t quite confident enough to go in, grab a table and a game you can play solitaire for hours and just play.

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