> leaving the city for the town (that's technically a small city)

leaving the city for the town (that's technically a small city)

2012-09-25 - jjackunrau

Last night I hung out with library school friends drinking beers and generally talking about how much we like each other and should see each other more often. And today I leave for Campbell River.

I was out on the island over the weekend, moving my crap in, and I think I’ll like CR. There’s a pier where people fish from, and it has communal fishgutting tubs. There’s a bookstore and a toyshop with reasonable amounts of Lego. My apartment is the big “standard of living” jump this job’ll give me. Two bedrooms and a view of Discovery Passage and a 5 minute walk to work.

I looked at an apartment that was right on the water, and that I could also have afforded. My bedroom in that one would have had a view of the Quadra Island lighthouse. But the place was too big, too nice. I would never have felt really comfortable there, like it was really mine. The place I got is smaller and a bit shabbier, but I feel like I fit it, even better than my old condo back in Winnipeg (and none of the condo corp responsibilities/aggravations).

So yes, I’m on my way out there now. So long Vancouver; I still like you. Vancouver friends, you’re pretty great, and I’ll be back to visit before Xmas I’m pretty sure.

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