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2008-09-21 - jjackunrau

I’m back on my 10 pages/day regimen, which feels good, feels important to return to. Before leaving on the Amerrica trip I’d had this notion in my head that I’d be able to do maybe 5-8/day while on the road. I had visions of all the great roadishness I’d be able to capture. That didn’t happen. I think by the end of actual travelling I had a little over 1 page/day but even that wasn’t comprehensive or interesting. When we camped outside Denver in the rain I was really unhappy with the amount and quality of writing I’d gotten done. I’d thought this trip would be like going to China last March, where I did lots of writing (not all of it great but not all shitty either), but I got stuck out there just writing down what happened in our days. Nothing interesting, nothing essential even. Just lists of facts.

Then in North Platte, Nebraska, I hit my hook and the writing, the how this little book was going to work, clicked into place. Of course that was our last night in the states so it stayed in my head as plans. Yesterday I started getting the real writing about this trip down. The notebook has completely lost any semblance of chronology now, but it’s for the best.

Thankfully my table works beautifully as a writing spot. I was a little worried, but it’s got the stability it needs and the light and the heater is right next to it. Signs point to yes for filling up notebooks here. I still can’t do real work on the computer yet because of the boxes in my study. And the mess on that desk. So the 3dWorlder editing is on hiatus for a while as I get the Amerrica trip scrawled out.

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