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too big to fail

2010-03-17 - jjackunrau

I’m 30 now. Which is fine.

It was a good enough day. Had lunch with my mom, chatted a bit with Holly, worked a short shift, cut my hair and found I hadn’t doomed Reyn’s cat to a life on the streets by accidentally letting her out yesterday. I’ll finish moving into Reyn’s place tomorrow, bringing Sinatra with me. I hope she does okay with the new place and Kittenoh.

The second best part of my day was explaining to an eleven-year-old how pinchies on St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a “real thing” but also how that fact won’t stop you from getting pinched (for not wearing green) if everyone you know is doing it. The tyranny of the mob and their lies, I explained with a shrug. The best part of the day was finishing the last season of The Wire tonight, which explains why big lies were on my mind.

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