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life with my mom

2009-01-08 - jjackunrau

Sri is in India visiting family and such, so I’ve been hanging out with my mom a bit more this month. We’ve got four episodes left in the first season of The Wire, which I love because my mother has to concentrate to get what’s going on. Which means she can’t be putzing about in the kitchen or feeding the dogs or whatever else when we’ve got a disc in; she has to give it her full attention. Which is what I feel good television/film deserves on a first viewing. So that’s cool.

On Monday I met mom at work and we took the bus to her house together. Her bus experience is so different from mine. Not just because her buses tend not to have the automated voice telling you which stop is coming up, nor because her bus doesn’t cruise by abandoned warehouses and railroad tracks, but because she talks to people. I consider myself quite verbose for saying “Hi” and “Thank you” to the bus driver. She has bus friends. When she moves over for a standing young lady to sit down, a conversation ensues and it turns out she went to high school with the girl’s parents. The Mennonite game stuff becomes so interesting the girl deliberately stays on past her stop so they can hash out all the fun things they know about Domain and Glenlea and all these other towns MCI kids came from. So strange.

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