> feeling like a real cyclist again

feeling like a real cyclist again

2012-01-25 - jjackunrau

I’ve gotten to the zone where I can bike up the bad hill (with a bit of a breather break 3/4 of the way up) even in the rain. It wasn’t pouring today, so it was infinitely nicer out than last week with all the snow and slush (which I didn’t bike through). It’s starting to feel normal to bike, not like some thing I have to psyche myself up for, even on a mildly rainy day.

My rain pants (which I’ll bring the next time I go to New Zealand for tramping so as not to get made fun of) do keep a lot of heat in though, so whatever pants I wear under them are not soaked from rain just damp from sweat. I might have to leave some pants here and change my (below rain gear) cycling wardrobe.

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