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sun and sea

2012-05-14 - jjackunrau

It’s funny how all my writing on here is about going for walks down to the water. Sorry. You’ll just have to deal with it I guess because this is my first summer in Vancouver and I’m a fan. Laughing man with melon This morning I went down to English Bay to do a bit of reading in the sun and went further East than usual where there’s a large inukshuk and benches on a small finger of rock sticking out into the water. Most of the places I’ve been sitting to watch the water are set quite a ways back from the beach, which gives a nice view, but out at this point it sounded like you were at the ocean. There was a woman sitting on one of the benches (apparently) meditating away, and it would be hard to pick a better spot. Other people were slackrope walking and there were teams of dragonboat-ish canoeists out on the water.

I feel a bit of urgency in enjoying all of this because I’m one of those new librarians who can leave the lower mainland to find work. I’ve been applying in places where the ocean will be a dim memory. Even if I manage to stay here, I’ll probably move to a different (cheaper-rent) area, since chances are I won’t be making much money, and the water won’t be right out the door any more.

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