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not a book review

2009-04-21 - jjackunrau

So I’ve had a lousy week, one filled not with madness and poop but anticipation and frustration that would sound a lot like whining if I were to fill the blog with it. And I like to keep my whining restricted to the cold.

Saturday was my grandmother’s 90th birthday party (which I am currently reliving as the video I shot is imported to the computer in real time because my camera’s five years old). Afterwards there was an impromptu party at my mom’s which was much more fun. One of my mom’s cousins had spent time in China and I felt bad about my role in legitimizing the vaguely off comments he made. He was talking about a tour guide in Beijing saying “Isn’t it wonderful how the government makes it only rain at night?” And I tried to explain where that might have come from without calling him a liar or making myself an apologist for a government I’m not a huge fan of. I messed it up and sort of supported his stereotyping in my desire to not get into an argument with a stranger. Boourns Justin.

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