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less than a week less than a week

2009-08-25 - jjackunrau

On Friday my mom phoned and we chatted a bit and it came out that I had a condo corporation meeting that evening. “Oh that’d why you’re so grouchy,” she said. Yeah. The meeting didn’t have enough people there for a quorum so we did our usual sit around and complain. Which I hate. I hope I made it clear that I shouldn’t even be doing any of this stuff I’ve been doing. I am no leader and don’t really have any aptitude for doing the stuff I have to be doing right now, like calling locksmiths and lawyers and demanding money back from the fuckface liar who hasn’t done anything he’d said he was doing to install the parking next door. Some of the other owners are saying we need to sue, and I go to bed and these thoughts keep me awake.

When I return from China I put my condo up for sale. If you have a greater tolerance than me for these kinds of bureaucratic/interpersonal situations you could buy it. It would make a good rental property but I don’t want to even think about it anymore.

Rent isn’t just “throwing money away” for me any more. It is “buying freedom from having to administrate anything.” Maybe someday if I ever become less dependent on a city-based job I’ll be able to buy a house out in the country. That might be sufficiently different from this.

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