> no presents please and thank you

no presents please and thank you

2009-12-01 - jjackunrau

I’ve been trying to tell people more individually but you do not need to buy me Xmas presents this year. I’m not buying anything for anyone. It’s not a poverty thing or a political thing, I just don’t want any reason to deal with stores and commercialized stuff this year. And if I can shorten anyone else’s time in the mall, that’s a pretty good deal too.

A couple of weeks ago I was wandering through St. Vital Centre and passed a cell phone crap kiosk. You know, the kind of place that just sells bits of plastic to encase your phone or attach it to dashboards or whatever? I’d already decided to do this no-gifts Xmas thing, but there were a few wafflings in my head sort of like “Well, maybe I should just get this person this one thing…” And then there was this kiosk. And it had a poster with a bunch of smartphones on it and the text, “You know you love her. Now prove it.” I just hated the fact that message existed and wanted to cry and puke all at once. I took it as confirmation in this year’s buy-nothing ways.

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